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Get To Know Us

indianaoriginalBadge100Your support offers a unique solution to address domestic abuse in central Indiana. The Coburn Place program is the largest and most comprehensive transitional housing program (6 months to 2 years) in Indianapolis, Indiana. We utilize a compassionate model of voluntary (trauma informed) services. This model is rooted in a deep understanding of the emotional and psychological needs that victims face as they leave their abuser. It is the only program that offers on-site, individual apartments with private kitchens and bathrooms.

Watch this video to see how your support is empowering domestic violence survivors and their children. We are so grateful to Creative Street Media Group, which donated their services to tell our story.

Your support allows a resident to remain at Coburn Place for up to two years. Time, housing, counseling and support provide stability to help survivors become self-sufficient and to break the cycle of violence. A full children’s program helps the children begin to heal from family violence, too. We recognize that a holistic, professional, and compassionate program is essential for survivors of domestic violence.

Coburn Place is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, tax ID #37-1421922.

Celebrating 20 Years

CP 20years logoIn 1996, you may have been driving around in a new car that cost $16,300, singing along to Mariah Carey and Boyz to Men, on the way to the gas station to fill up for $1.15/gallon. Your favorite TV shows were probably “E.R”, “Seinfeld” and “Friends”. Hillary Clinton was living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as First Lady. Oprah started her famous book club. The minimum wage was raised to $5.15/hour.

And Indianapolis strengthened its efforts to end domestic violence in our community. Coburn Place opened its doors to five adults and 14 children on 12/28/1996 .

The players were many and the stakes were high. (Read a more detailed account of the history here.) Coburn Place was born, creating the first transitional housing units for domestic violence victims in central Indiana. Community advocates hailed it as the “culmination of a dream”.

Since that day in 1996, more than 1700 adults and children have called Coburn Place their home. 1700 lives have been touched by your generosity. We are so very grateful. Follow along on social media with #20YearsOfCPSH. So many thanks to the studio for our 20th anniversary logo!

  • La Toya
    La Toya
    • Coburn Place Graduate

    Coburn Place is transitional housing and its exactly what I did. I transitioned into a stronger and better woman for myself and my kids. I didn’t know I had it in me. I learned to be self sufficient, learned to know which battles to fight, how to fight them, and when to fight them.”

  • juana
    • Coburn Place Graduate

    “Coburn Place saved my life. When someone doesn’t have a support system and then all of a sudden a whole building of people are there for you it changes your life. Because of Coburn Place I learned what I wanted and what I didn’t want in my life and how to fight for that. Now I’m a married woman. I have a great job with Wishard, and I have been drug-free for five years. I have paid off my car this past tax season, and we are working with Rebuilding the Walls to be rebuild our credit and buy a home for our daughter –that’s our dream. Thank you Coburn Place for helping me and guiding me onto the right path.”