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19th Mar


Take Action: Download a Free Smartphone App for DV Victims

Many of us are never more than an arm’s length from our smartphones. We rely on them for so many things. Here’s a great resource for those in abusive relationships.

ASPIRE News is a free app (available on both iPhone and Android) from the When Georgia Smiled: Robin McGraw Foundation and powered by Yahoo!. On the surface, it’s a clean and simple news reader with top stories from around the world, entertainment and sports.

It looks like any other news app, until the “help” section is accessed. There users can connect to websites and phone numbers for organizations dealing with domestic violence and sexual assault. There is also a feature that allows users to send a pre-defined text message to a group of trusted contacts just by triple tapping the link.

*Note:  This app should not serve as a replacement for emergency services-in any situation where you feel that you may be at risk, please dial 911.


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