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30th Dec


It Doesn’t Take Much to Make a Big Difference

“I told myself I wasn’t going to cry,” whispered “Shandra” while wiping away her tears. “I told myself I wasn’t going to cry,” she repeated shaking her head after walking through her new Coburn Place apartment. After seeing the pink and purple beds in her daughters’ room, the flood gates opened. “Those are my girls’ favorite colors,” she shared between sobs.

Tears have flowed regularly for Shandra but not like these. These were tears of joy. Seven months after fleeing her abuser and staying in a crowded shelter, she was finally giving her daughters a safe, peaceful home with the privacy they longed for – all thanks to you.

After school she brought them by Coburn Place, not telling them this was their new home. They walked around the apartment. Nine-year-old Morgan said, “This is REALLY nice,” as she walked past the comfy brown couch in the living room. When she saw the bedroom with the two beds, she sat down on the pink one. She instantly relaxed and imagined herself waking up there. Six-year-old Maya plopped down on her back onto the purple bed with a big smile and closed her eyes.


A purple bed with the coolest lampshade ever A pink bed with an amazing view
This sight brought a new Coburn Place mom to tears.


“Those aren’t your beds; what are you doing?” Shandra asked sternly. The girls popped up and shook off their daydreams. But Shandra couldn’t hold it in any longer. Beaming with excitement she said, “I have wonderful news – those ARE your beds!” Maya started dancing joyously throughout the apartment, like only a six-year-old can. In wide-eyed disbelief Morgan said, “What?! Really?! REALLY?!” and then buried her face in her mother’s hug. More tears of joy flowed.

Your gift makes moments like these happen. But there are still more families that need your help.

A gift of just $15 provides a day and night of safe housing to a family just like Shandra’s. It doesn’t take much to make a big difference.

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