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12th Oct


The Stars of CoburnFest!

What a beautiful day we had for CoburnFest! followed by a clear, cool night. But the stars were already out and shining brightly before the sun even set. Together we raised more than $77,000 to support the families we serve!

We recognized a few shining star partners with awards – The City of IndianapolisIndianapolis Power & Light Company, David Weekley Homes, Lumina Foundation and PEDCOR Companies. Two Coburn grads, Tamika and Violet, were honored as well.

But the night was about YOU too and all that your support has achieved. In almost 20 years, 1700 adults and children have had the opportunity to break the cycle of violence and live independent lives, just like Tamika and Violet. Whether you were able to join us in person or not, it’s your light that leads our way. Thank you!

What a great party! We can’t wait to do it all over again. Until then, check out the nearly 100 gorgeous photos by our phographer, MaryAnn O’Hara.

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