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1st Dec


Remembering Arlene

Once again, our hearts are so very heavy. Earlier this week we lost another dear friend and colleague, Arlene Cross. If you’ve visited us after 4pm any time over the last decade, Arlene was most likely the person greeting you.

The first couple of hours of her shift are some of the busiest of the day. Kids coming home from school. Volunteers arriving throughout the afternoon and evening. Staff and residents coming and going. She had a quiet but strong, no-nonsense way about her. Nothing ever rattled her. Nothing. With amazing grace and calm, she could answer two ringing phone lines, the gate and the front door while greeting volunteers and handing out visitor badges – all with a Coburn toddler clinging to her legs. She was a marvel to watch.

She always kept everything straight and everyone safe. Once things had settled down it was very common to hear her laugh traveling through the building. We knew then that it was time for “Family Feud” to be on in the background. Nothing cracked her up more. It was her reward for a job well done.

While she seemed tough on the outside, she was a real softy at heart. She had such a special relationship with so many of our residents through the years. She would listen to their troubles, joke around with them but then tell them what they really needed to hear.

We will miss that laugh, your sass and your strength terribly, Ms. Arlene. Bless you and your family, dear friend. You will always be in our hearts, an angel looking over us.

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Services for Arlene will be held on Saturday, December 3 at Craig Funeral Home. Visitation is from 11am-noon. The funeral is at noon.


Arlene leaves behind a daughter, young grandchildren and a teenage son. You can help with expenses by making a donation here.


If you would like to share your thoughts and memories about Arlene, please leave a comment.

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