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12th Dec


Supporter Spotlight: Kelly Brown

You could call Kelly Brown the official Coburn Place foodie. She is such a valuable member on our special events committee. She does all she can to make sure each one is a success. One of her non-official duties is whipping up delicious snacks to bring to the meetings. Creativity soars when Kelly feeds us!

As delightful and appreciated as her taco dip is, it’s her weekly volunteer role that satisfies our families’ needs.

Twice a month for the last 3 years, Kelly has a picked up fresh produce and baked goods from Gleaners Food Bank. She drops everything off at Coburn Place in the morning and returns in the evening to supervise the handout and clean up –with such reliability and always with the greatest smile and attitude. After support groups end, each family “shops” and takes home a bag or two of food. It is much-appreciated, budget-relieving assistance.

But it’s more than just food. Kelly loves getting to know our families. “I was looking for something to do that I could see the direct impact. The residents keep me involved.  So many times when I come in with the things I have brought from Gleaners, they tell me that they are so excited because now they have something fresh to cook for the evening.” Kelly shared. But she added, “I think every time I am at Coburn, I come away with something that stays with me for days. Whether it be a story from one of the residents, a high five from one of the kids, or all the smiles and hugs I get!”

She cheers on their successes. She listens to their troubles. And she loves joking around with them. It’s Kelly herself as much as the groceries that keeps them coming back week after week. Kelly feeds not just their appetites but their desire for friendship and support.

When she’s not taking care of Coburn Place families, she’s taking care of her own. She’s been a stay at home mom for nearly 18 years, so her kids keep her busy constantly. Every Thursday, no matter what, Kelly and her husband, Jason, schedule a date night. They also love traveling, trying new restaurants (See, we told you!) and running together. Kelly loves being with her family!

We appreciate all you do for Coburn Place families, Kelly! You’re not just our “Gleaners Gal” but a Grade A friend.

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