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23rd Jan


Supporter Spotlight: Cindy Wadleton

This month’s Supporter Spotlight shines on a faithful and hard-working friend – volunteer, Cindy Wadleton. But she’s such a bright light on her own that it seems redundant. To start at the beginning, it was Cindy’s sister, Marie – a volunteer herself, who first got Cindy involved. Yeah, sister power!

To say Cindy is dedicated is an understatement. She has logged 333 hours in just 22 months, often 20 or more of those hours in a week! Cindy oversees our non-perishable food pantry. And that’s a very good thing, because you donate A LOT food! She doesn’t just do what needs to be done. She anticipates needs and thinks through problems before they arrive. And then gets to work.

While Cindy never shies away from the down and dirty, physical aspects of her work, it’s her intelligence and attitude that truly amazes us. She oversaw and designed the layout of our new upstairs food pantry, and then—with joy in her heart and a smile on her face—moved probably six hundred pounds of food from our downstairs to its new home.

She manages small teams of volunteers to help break down different items in our pantries. She has even tutored some of our residents in math. She always stays until the project is not only finished, but completed to her incredibly high standards! Her work is impeccable, and she’s able to accomplish so much because she’s sort of a super woman. She’s a worker bee, a friendly face, a true asset to our team. We can’t thank you enough for your time, talent and friendship, Cindy!

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