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26th Jan


In Control

Imagine escaping a completely controlling spouse only to end up in a place that kept telling you what to do. “Go to this meeting. Be back by 10. Don’t eat in your room.” Some programs are like this. Coburn Place is not.

Your support empowers our clients to make decisions that work for them and their goals. They choose the supports that they need. They are in control.

For some it can be a difficult adjustment. But for others, it’s a natural transition. “Denise” is not just adapting to her newly restored power but absolutely thriving.

Each Coburn Place client is paired with an Advocate. Their Advocate is really a life coach – someone who looks at their current situation, anticipates obstacles and needs and helps them develop a plan. Ultimately, it’s up to the client to work it out, though. In the words of her advocate, Jacqueline, “Denise has mastered this program.”

When Denise arrived at Coburn Place, she was receiving disability income. She made financial security a priority and knew this would not be enough. She soon found a seasonal job that she enjoyed. It turned into a regular part-time job after the holidays. With a budget in place and some serious willpower, she’s been able to pay off a former eviction AND save $2,000! If it wasn’t for your support providing rent-free housing, this would have been nearly impossible.

Denise knows that she has healing to do too. She struggles with PTSD and mental health issues, like so many survivors do. In addition to regular check-ins with Jacqueline, she decided to attend weekly support group. With two options, she set her own schedule. For the first six months she’ll attend New Beginnings, a general well-being support, and for the second six months she’ll participate in the domestic violence group. She also requested therapy. Jacqueline connected her to a therapist that meets with her weekly in her apartment.

With so many positive changes in her life, Denise is feeling safe and secure in her Coburn Place home. She is so grateful for the opportunity to be here and expresses that frequently. Denise is proof that when survivors are empowered to make their own decisions, they will thrive. Thank you for believing in them.


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