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28th Aug


Supporter Spotlight: Citizens Energy Group

Over the years Citizens Energy Group has donated more than $60,000, but what we value even more is their employees’ commitment to serving our community. They aren’t just asking, “What can we do?” They are asking, “What MORE can we do?”

They regularly volunteer for service days, doing whatever it takes to get the job done. They even sent an employee with special skills to help the David Weekley Homes crew during this year’s big kitchen remodel project.

When the Indianapolis Indians offered us a special ticket sales opportunity this summer, our friends from Citizens Energy Group bought a block of tickets to help us raise nearly $800 while treating their employees! During our annual lemonade stand to raise money for back-to-school shoes, our friends from Citizens brought their thirst for helping and their wallets to support the kiddos. Small acts of kindness go a long way. So many thanks to our friends from Citizens Energy Group for all their kindnesses – big and small!

We’d like to take this moment to remember and honor our dear friend, board member and Citizens’ employee, Yvonne Perkins. Yvonne was our first connection at Citizens. She is the spark that made all of this support come to life. She passed away in November 2016, but her legacy lives on through her innovation. She developed the company’s Corporate Philanthropy Strategic Plan, the first Diversity Strategic Plan, published Citizens’ first Corporate Responsibility Report and established four endowed scholarships in the utility’s name to help Indianapolis students pursue higher education. She is missed greatly.

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