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8th Dec


Supporter Spotlight: The Schwabbies – Again!

When we put out the call for volunteers to help thank other volunteers and in-kind donors, it was our friends from Charles Schwab, the Schwabbies, who answered. Of course. They always do! (Read more about their service.)

Coburn Place is like a village. It takes all of us working together to help so many families and individuals with so many unique goals. What better way to let you, our villagers, know how much we appreciate you than by telling you?!

So, our first Thank-a-thon was born. Six Schwabbies spent a late November morning at Coburn Place making more than 500 calls to you (and several of their co-workers!) just to say thanks. We hope you felt the love! We sure do each time you volunteer or donate.

Did you receive a call? Let us know how we did.



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