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26th Jul


We are overflowing with gratitude. In about a week’s time, you opened your hearts and your wallets to the tune of $17,881 to support kids who need it most. Kids like Myron. Watch this story by Rafael Sanchez of RTV6. You’ll see ...

23rd Jul


The Lemonade Stands were incredible – from the North side to Fletcher Place and from start to finish. Thank you for every sip you take and gift you make! The thing is, this is about more than shoes. Way more. It’s about ...

19th Jul


Lemonade is cool and all, but what if it had a kick?! Enter Indigo and the most fun anyone ever had at a lemonade stand and doing good for their community. Indigo is the Coburn Place young professionals group. They are ...

5th May


Our friends from Altrusa International of Indianapolis, Inc. recently wrapped up a months long labor of love. They chose this service project to honor their dear friend, Dorothy Kandrac – and Dorothy’s Room was born. ...

26th Apr


All our friend Adam Clevenger wanted for his birthday was for his friends to make a gift to Coburn Place. He set up a fundraiser on Facebook and chose a goal of $250 with a promise to match that $250. What happened in a matter of hours ...

7th Apr


We promised you an inspirational morning, and YOU delivered for us. Because your generosity, together we raised more than $120,000 to empower domestic violence survivors like Brianna! Thank you for making Blue & Gold Breakfast ...

8th Mar


Think of that group of friends that always has your back. You know, the ones that help you achieve those big dreams but then also jump right in with helping hands when the daily grind gets to be too much. TCC and TCC Gives fit that ...

5th Mar


We love sharing stories with you. But it doesn’t get any more powerful than to hear someone tell their own. We hope you’ll join us at Blue & Gold Breakfast to hear Brianna tell hers. She is a remarkable young woman – a mother ...

4th Mar


A wise person once said, “Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel, energies are contagious.” That person must have known Detra Mills – our dear friend, Coburn Place board member ...

8th Dec


When we put out the call for volunteers to help thank other volunteers and in-kind donors, it was our friends from Charles Schwab, the Schwabbies, who answered. Of course. They always do! (Read more about their service.) Coburn Place ...