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Our Staff

Our staff is a dedicated group of individuals that values teamwork to support our mission and clients.

Julia Kathary | President/Executive Director

Lisa Benjamin | Information & Technology Coordinator

Shawnta Beverly | Transitional Services Director

Michele Brizzi | Mentor

Rosilyn Browne | Mentor

Toni Brooks | Seasonal Children’s Advocate

Marilyn Burgin | Mentor

Lara Chandler | Vice President of Mission Advancement

Dolly Clark | Mentor

Ruth Denton | Mentor

Julie Henson | Community Engagement Director

Sidney Hirsch | Executive Assistant and Office Manager

Cathy Holmes | Mentor

Jennifer Hund | Volunteer and Community Resource Coordinator

Christine Kung’u Mentor

Talia Pinner | Housing and Hospitality Coordinator

Sam Ryan | Adult Advocate

Teia Sherrell | Children’s Advocate

Carrie Stephens | Community Housing and Outreach Coordinator

Nichelle Turentine Mentor

Iesha Vaughn Mentor

Jenni White |Vice President of Mission Impact

Jacqueline Willett | Adult Advocate

Candace WilliamsChildren’s Advocate

Nicole Young StarksMentor