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Virtual Lemonade Stand

Thank you for stopping by the virtual lemonade stand! We’re open for business, there’s no waiting and the lemonade is calorie-free!

We need to raise $2,000 to buy 80 pairs of shoes. Your gift of just $25 buys one pair. Thank you for your support!

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Here’s a word from Ms. Shawnta, our Transitional Services Director, about what this means to our kids.

Update 7/6/2016: BREAKING NEWS!

Our total stands at $1241 thanks to our friends from UnitedHealth Care chipping in $500! And our besties, the Schwabbies, holding their own lemonade stand also on 7/11 from 1-4pm!! Can you say franchise?! Any funds raised above our goal will go toward purchasing uniforms. So let’s Fill Up The Cup! 

Lemon Aid Stand 2016-progess

Update: 7/5/2016

At $665, we’re up to 33% – THANK YOU!! Fill Up the Cup!

Lemon Aid Stand 2016-progess

Update: 7/5/2016

You’ve helped us reach 25% of our goal already! Thanks; you’re the coolest!
Lemon Aid Stand 2016-progess