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29th Jan


The NFL and No More, a movement to increase awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault, teamed up to produce a PSA to bring the issue to the Super Bowl audience. Coburn Place staff members, Julia Kathary (Executive Director) and ...

6th Nov


Much of the country is learning what you already know. Domestic violence is a devastating and widespread problem, and it can happen to ANYONE. Whether the abuser is an NFL star or your next door neighbor – domestic violence is ...

14th Oct


Like many of us, you probably get a new cell phone every couple of years. Lured by the excitement of the latest model, tired of looking at a cracked screen or simply out of necessity – it’s bound to happen. You can’t imagine ...

3rd Oct


This has been a huge week for Coburn Place and domestic violence survivors in Indiana and beyond! We have teamed up with HopeLine by Verizon Wireless and the Indianapolis Colts to host a cell phone collection drive in conjunction with ...

18th Sep


The national conversation about DV is creating change. Victims are more comfortable seeking help. Everyone is beginning to understand just how complicated this issue is. The tide is turning in the fight to end domestic abuse. We are ...

12th Sep


High profile domestic violence cases, like that of former NFL player Ray Rice, are helping to bring awareness to the plight of victims and the cycle of violence. They are also giving us a great starting point to begin conversations on ...

8th Sep


The Central Indiana Community is facing a shortage of spaces, services and funds for DV survivors. Coburn Place was born out of a similar conversation more than 18 years ago. With a waitlist of 20-40 families at any given time and only ...

6th Aug


Remember Molly and her graph of success? Well, she hit a bump in the road, so to speak. After nearly losing her car, she finally caught up on her payments while living at Coburn Place. A recent accident took the car out of commission. ...

15th Jul


Coburn Place Safe Haven is a member of the Full Frame Initiative’s Domestic and Sexual Violence (DSV) Cohort Demonstration Project. This Project is a multi-year endeavor bringing together 10 exemplary DSV organizations and a number ...

4th Jun


Teen dating violence is one of the very real dangers young people face today. The recent shooting of an Arsenal Tech High School student by her boyfriend is a very sad reminder of this reality. Please talk to your kids about the signs ...