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5th Mar


High school and college students play a big role in our volunteer community. We’re so grateful to have their support. Most come faithfully for a semester or maybe a year. But on rare occasions they keep coming back and stay ...

30th Dec


“I told myself I wasn’t going to cry,” whispered “Shandra” while wiping away her tears. “I told myself I wasn’t going to cry,” she repeated shaking her head after walking through her new Coburn Place apartment. ...

17th Dec


Thank you to everyone who came to our Holiday Open House on 12/15/14! It’s always our pleasure to see you and show off our beautiful old building. In case you couldn’t make it, here is a video. See an apartment just as the ...

15th Dec


As we watched nine-year-old “Sam” walk down the halls of Coburn Place for the last time, he traced his fingers along the bricks in the wall. He stopped every few feet and cried. “I don’t want to leave. This is ...

21st Nov


Do you realize that your support automatically earns you a spot on Team Coburn Place? It does. And it takes all of us working together to help our families break away from a life of abuse. You are an important part of a well-oiled ...

14th Oct


Like many of us, you probably get a new cell phone every couple of years. Lured by the excitement of the latest model, tired of looking at a cracked screen or simply out of necessity – it’s bound to happen. You can’t imagine ...

3rd Oct


This has been a huge week for Coburn Place and domestic violence survivors in Indiana and beyond! We have teamed up with HopeLine by Verizon Wireless and the Indianapolis Colts to host a cell phone collection drive in conjunction with ...

18th Sep


The national conversation about DV is creating change. Victims are more comfortable seeking help. Everyone is beginning to understand just how complicated this issue is. The tide is turning in the fight to end domestic abuse. We are ...

17th Sep


It is no secret that we need you, our suporter, for our program to flourish. One of our biggest supporters is Women’s Forum of Bingham Greenbaum Doll (BGD). Kandi Hidde, a member and BDG partner, first began supporting Coburn Place ...

16th Sep


The party was amazing, and the purpose got a big boost. Our friends at the Lucas Estate sure have a good thing going. Beautiful location, wonderful hospitality and amazing food. The band, Henle and the Loops, rocked as much on stage as ...