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6th Aug


Remember Molly and her graph of success? Well, she hit a bump in the road, so to speak. After nearly losing her car, she finally caught up on her payments while living at Coburn Place. A recent accident took the car out of commission. ...

15th Jul


Coburn Place Safe Haven is a member of the Full Frame Initiative’s Domestic and Sexual Violence (DSV) Cohort Demonstration Project. This Project is a multi-year endeavor bringing together 10 exemplary DSV organizations and a number ...

5th May


This year’s Blue Breakfast was our best team effort yet – THANK YOU! Together we sold out the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center and raised more than $80,000 to support Coburn Place families… AMAZING! Verizon Wireless presented ...

1st May


Well, we have bad news and good news. Bad news first, right? Leanne Schaub, Volunteer and Resource Coordinator, has left her position to begin a new journey in life. She did a wonderful job of strengthening our volunteer program. We ...

19th Apr


We are so grateful to our friends at All Souls Unitarian Church for adopting an apartment! Their sponsorship covers the cost of preparing a unit for a new family. Not only does it help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, but it ...

18th Mar


Power Shift

When “Marissa” moved into her apartment at Coburn Place, she was just 19 years old. She’s one of those people that on the outside is bold and strong, even a little intimidating at first. Once you get to know her, you realize she ...

22nd Feb


charting success

When you support Coburn Place, you transform lives. Victims become survivors. Cycles of violence are shattered. That’s powerful work you’re doing – a power shift. Let’s chart it. One tactic of abusers is to use ...

19th Feb


As you may or may not know, we’ve updated our mission statement. “Coburn Place empowers victims of intimate partner violence to live as survivors.” Those two words should jump out at you, even if they weren’t formatted in bold. ...

23rd Jan


Most companies and organizations list a set of values on their website and possibly have them posted somewhere in their offices. At Coburn Place, we don’t just list our values; we live them. With input from staff and board, we ...

16th Jan


A new year always brings with it the ability to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. It can be an exciting time to embrace new ideas and positive change. Or it can be a reminder of the unmet goals of the past and the challenges ahead ...