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5th Mar


We love sharing stories with you. But it doesn’t get any more powerful than to hear someone tell their own. We hope you’ll join us at Blue & Gold Breakfast to hear Brianna tell hers. She is a remarkable young woman – a mother ...

18th Dec


Every single day, your support is helping domestic violence survivors. Whether it’s help, a home or even hope, together you are writing new endings to their stories. “Shannon’s” book has many difficult chapters, including the ...

28th Sep


When you buy a ticket to CoburnFest!, volunteer your time or donate your old toaster, you’re not just helping our families with their day-to-day needs. You’re helping them change their lives. “Lindsay” and her 10 year-old son ...

16th May


Think of the person who’s always there for you. The one who listens when you’re having a bad day. Or a good one. The one who gives the best advice. Or just lets you vent when you can’t take any more. Now imagine that your ...

2nd Mar


On March 1, 2017, Violet did the second bravest thing she’s ever done. She stood up in front of 400 people at the 10th Annual Blue Breakfast to tell the story of THE bravest thing she’s ever done – leave her abuser. ...

26th Jan


Imagine escaping a completely controlling spouse only to end up in a place that kept telling you what to do. “Go to this meeting. Be back by 10. Don’t eat in your room.” Some programs are like this. Coburn Place is not. Your ...

27th Dec


On December 28, 1996, Coburn Place was born. Five adults and 14 children fleeing domestic violence opened the doors to their brand new homes. And to brand new lives. It was a community-wide effort that enlisted expertise, passion, ...

15th Dec


You know what we love about children’s programming at Coburn Place? Because of your support, the kids have experiences that they wouldn’t have had without you. They get help healing and learn how not to continue the cycle. They get ...

14th Nov


Through a partnership with The Julian Center and the Domestic Violence Network we’ve developed a new 18 month program to offer domestic violence survivors support in the areas financial literacy, employment, education, ...

19th Sep


“Stacy’s” history is one you’ve heard many times before. The abuse started with her father and continued into her adult relationships. Domestic violence is a cycle that continues until the victim becomes empowered to break it. ...