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18th Nov


“Susan” fled a physically abusive relationship. She has the scars, both visible and not, to prove it. Because of your support, she found refuge at Coburn Place. But what she gained in safety, she lost in the comfort and familiarity ...

15th Sep


Every day, your support is making good things happen for good people. We are so grateful for your belief that everyone deserves a safe home. So are 25 year-old “Alyssa” and her three young children. They are some of these good ...

18th Jun


“Krystiana’s” journey to Coburn Place has been a long and difficult one.  She escaped one abusive marriage to end up in another. She endured years of verbal, physical and sexual abuse. She’s been held hostage ...

12th May


What’s one of the first things that comes to mind each May? Graduations probably top your list. It’s a time for reflecting on growth, celebrating success and looking toward the future. We are so honored to be able to do ...

14th Apr


This year’s Coburn Place graduate speaker at Blue Breakfast was Jeanette Perkins. If you’ve been a regular reader, you’re familiar with her incredible story – involving a daring escape from a fire set by her abuser, ...

3rd Apr


Your support empowers victims of domestic violence to live as survivors – just like Jeanette. We are so proud of her for sharing her story to a crowd of 300 at Blue Breakfast! Please read and share the entire feature article ...

9th Mar


This year’s Blue Breakfast theme is ‘Believe & Achieve’. We think “Natalie’s” story brings these words to life. Don’t you agree? Natalie has her hands full these days. And she has a head equally ...

4th Feb


If a friend asked you ‘What does Coburn Place do’, you’d probably tell them that we provide services and safe housing for DV victims. And you’d certainly be right. But some of these services might just surprise you. Two ...

29th Jan


The NFL and No More, a movement to increase awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault, teamed up to produce a PSA to bring the issue to the Super Bowl audience. Coburn Place staff members, Julia Kathary (Executive Director) and ...

30th Dec


“I told myself I wasn’t going to cry,” whispered “Shandra” while wiping away her tears. “I told myself I wasn’t going to cry,” she repeated shaking her head after walking through her new Coburn Place apartment. ...