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7th May


Jeff Saturday, former Indianapolis Colts center and our Blue Breakfast keynote speaker, had this to say about Tyler, our Coburn Place graduate and also a speaker. “I get a chance to speak and go to a lot of places, but very seldom do ...

22nd Apr


Each Coburn Place client works with an advocate to create an individualized set of goals and action steps called a Personal Plan for Independence or PPI. When we see someone with as much determination as “Pamela” to stick to and ...

11th Apr


26th Mar


If you’ve ever wondered how your support of domestic violence victims at Coburn Place is unique, this will give you a good idea. Welcome to Coburn Place! My name is Tia and I did your apartment set-up. I hope that you can find peace ...

19th Mar


Abusers are experts when it comes to controlling their victims. They know exactly which buttons to press and what tactics to use. While the trauma endured by victims takes its toll in many forms, one thing all victims share is being ...

18th Mar


Power Shift

When “Marissa” moved into her apartment at Coburn Place, she was just 19 years old. She’s one of those people that on the outside is bold and strong, even a little intimidating at first. Once you get to know her, you realize she ...

22nd Feb


charting success

When you support Coburn Place, you transform lives. Victims become survivors. Cycles of violence are shattered. That’s powerful work you’re doing – a power shift. Let’s chart it. One tactic of abusers is to use ...

19th Feb


As you may or may not know, we’ve updated our mission statement. “Coburn Place empowers victims of intimate partner violence to live as survivors.” Those two words should jump out at you, even if they weren’t formatted in bold. ...

15th Dec


We asked one of our adult residents to share her story with you. It’s a true account that’s, quite frankly, incredibly hard to hear.  Unbelievably so. But please stick around for the ending.  We promise you’re going to like ...