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23rd Jan


This month’s Supporter Spotlight shines on a faithful and hard-working friend – volunteer, Cindy Wadleton. But she’s such a bright light on her own that it seems redundant. To start at the beginning, it was Cindy’s sister, ...

27th Dec


On December 28, 1996, Coburn Place was born. Five adults and 14 children fleeing domestic violence opened the doors to their brand new homes. And to brand new lives. It was a community-wide effort that enlisted expertise, passion, ...

15th Dec


You know what we love about children’s programming at Coburn Place? Because of your support, the kids have experiences that they wouldn’t have had without you. They get help healing and learn how not to continue the cycle. They get ...

14th Dec


A week ago, we had 1 set of used sheets. We did our usual #WishListWednesday social media posts and somewhere in between magic happened. Today we have 223 sets (and counting!) of brand new, beautiful twin, full & queen sets! An ...

12th Dec


You could call Kelly Brown the official Coburn Place foodie. She is such a valuable member on our special events committee. She does all she can to make sure each one is a success. One of her non-official duties is whipping up ...

19th Oct


Larry Brunson has been a dedicated Coburn Place volunteer for five years. He does facility maintenance, he brings supplies for our Children’s Services program. He donates to fundraisers and helps run them. He is dependable and a ...

12th Oct


What a beautiful day we had for CoburnFest! followed by a clear, cool night. But the stars were already out and shining brightly before the sun even set. Together we raised more than $77,000 to support the families we serve! We ...

15th Sep


When it comes to offering their support to Coburn Place families, our friends from Delta Faucet have really been turning it on! Bad pun aside, they go above and beyond for us in inventive and fun ways. Their tagline is “See what ...

11th Jul


What an amazing day! Friends from all over the City stopped by to make sure the Coburn kiddos will have back-to-school shoes. And boy, did you! Our goal of $2,000 was completely shattered! As of 6:31pm on July 11, you have helped us ...