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6th Jul


We all have our favorites; our favorite cars, food, etc.  What makes those things our favorite? That car wouldn’t be our favorite if it wasn’t made with the finest parts and the distinguished interior and exterior.  That ...

12th Jun


When we handed out the volunteer awards at our Supporter Luau in April, Will Turpin cleaned up. He won several awards including the “Champagne Award” for most sparkling personality. He could have just as easily won the “Swiss ...

14th May


At Coburn Place, we’re all about teamwork. As leading suppliers of athletic gear, Finish Line definitely knows about teamwork, too. Six months ago they began looking for a way to bring their team even closer together by supporting a ...

22nd Apr


National Volunteer Appreciation Week happens each April, but we hope you know how grateful we are for you year-round! For this year’s official celebration we took you on a luau. We had leis, chair massages, games, a photo booth ...

14th Apr


With an emphasis on Blue Breakfast this month, it’s only fitting to highlight super supporter, Shannon Burdick. Shannon has served on the Blue Breakfast committee since its beginning in 2008. In fact, she was pregnant with her ...

9th Mar


This year’s Blue Breakfast theme is ‘Believe & Achieve’. We think “Natalie’s” story brings these words to life. Don’t you agree? Natalie has her hands full these days. And she has a head equally ...

5th Mar


High school and college students play a big role in our volunteer community. We’re so grateful to have their support. Most come faithfully for a semester or maybe a year. But on rare occasions they keep coming back and stay ...

4th Feb


If a friend asked you ‘What does Coburn Place do’, you’d probably tell them that we provide services and safe housing for DV victims. And you’d certainly be right. But some of these services might just surprise you. Two ...

17th Sep


It is no secret that we need you, our suporter, for our program to flourish. One of our biggest supporters is Women’s Forum of Bingham Greenbaum Doll (BGD). Kandi Hidde, a member and BDG partner, first began supporting Coburn Place ...