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A Purpose of Hope
7th Aug


A Purpose of Hope

Right now we are knee-deep in preparation for our fall fundraiser, CoburnFest!. It’s a simple and really fun way for you to support our mission.  For just $50 you get a great Saturday night out with a live band, including all food and basically more fun than you can shake a stick at. There are casino games, a silent auction, the always popular bling ring raffle and a cash bar, too.  We like to call it a party with a purpose.

Lately that purpose has been front and center for me. I’ve heard the stories of those just beginning their journeys at Coburn Place. And I’ve been inspired by those who’ve made the successful transition to safe, independent lives. Last week a mom and her four young kids fled their abusive home. They boarded a Greyhound bus and traveled more than 2,000 miles for the chance at a fresh new start at Coburn Place. That takes an immense amount of courage and a lot of faith.

I watched as WTHR Community Affairs Director, Angela Cain, recently filmed a segment for her series on domestic violence, “Shattering the Silence.” Her story will focus on a Coburn Place graduate. She successfully broke the cycle of violence for her young son and is providing him with a safe, stable and loving home. She is studying social work at IUPUI with the ultimate goal of earning a Masters. She is passionate about helping others survivors heal from their pain and turn their lives around. She is turning tragedy into an opportunity for a life of compassion, change and healing. We’ll be sure to share her story when it’s available.

For these two families, and many others with their own stories, we hold this party. Please join us on September 14 in celebrating their courage and success. Believe me; you’ll have fun, but you’ll also be a part of something much bigger – a purpose of hope.   

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