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In the Key of Good Fortune
20th Aug


In the Key of Good Fortune

Our lives are like music.  We find our songs, practice them and share them with the world. When a song no longer suits our voice or needs, it is up to us to find the courage to sing and play a different tune. They may not be perfect but we “GO Ahead & Play”.

This was the name of a very cool student-led public art project by The Women’s Fund of Central Indiana, a CICF Fund, and their youth philanthropy education group for kids in grades six through twelve, GO: Give Back.  Twenty donated pianos were transformed into works of art by local artists. They were weather-proofed and placed in public spaces throughout Indianapolis. The community was invited to play the pianos and share in the experiences of art and music collectively. Wonderful memories and pure joy came out of the project. Be sure to check out their blog for highlights.

The project has officially ended, but the pianos and their legacies play on. We are honored and touched to be the forever home for “Good Fortune Teller” created by Erin Lawrance Salewicz. This lime green beauty covered in spirals, feathers and those little paper messages found inside fortune cookies is as charming to look at as it is to hear. The fortunes are inspirational and speak to positive change. We think it’s a perfect fit for our mission. The piano offers new opportunities for staff, residents, volunteers and visitors alike to experience its hopeful messages and be touched by the power of its music. Many thanks to the GO: Give Back kids, the Women’s Fund of Central Indiana and Erin for this heartwarming gift! What song shall we play together?

“Where words fail, music speaks.”

~Hans Christian Andersen


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