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Dynamic Duo
13th Oct


Dynamic Duo

“Dynamic Duo” is a fitting nickname for the volunteer wife and husband team of Debbie and Pat Spencer. They have put their time, talent and hearts into reaching out to the community to spread the mission of Coburn Place and garner support. Both serve on our special events and development and marketing committees. Debbie recently joined our board. They have turned their tragic brush with DV into a passion for ending it. We are so grateful for these Super Friends! We asked them to share their reason for supporting Coburn Place. Here are Debbie’s words. As always, we invite you to share your story about why you support Coburn Place.

Supporting Coburn Place has become an important part of mine and my husband’s lives and a mission in our lives to help any individual who has been in a situation where another human being has made them feel less than worthy.

I was actually introduced to Coburn Place when an associate in a networking group invited me to Blue Breakfast. In all honesty, I had no idea what Blue Breakfast was or who it really supported, I just knew my kids were in college and I kept promising myself to get involved in an organization or to volunteer somewhere once they left home. Blue Breakfast was held at the Colt’s Complex and sounded like a nice event, so I thought, why not go?

That breakfast changed my life and after relaying the details about Coburn Place to my husband, changed his life.

Hopefully our efforts will help to change the lives of any person needing the services of Coburn Place. After all, domestic violence happens anywhere and happened right under our noses when a friend was personally affected by the violence. (This person was a member of our church, we had kids on the same teams, etc.)

When my husband and I saw what Coburn Place does and how they offer help to residents and even to individuals wanting services who aren’t residents, it became a mission for us to help. We have to keep our emotions in check, however, because we don’t understand this type of violence or the “bullying” mentality that come from the cowards who physically and/or emotionally attack others. It makes no sense to us and God certainly didn’t put people on this earth to be treated this way.

SO, after that amazing Blue Breakfast in 2012, my husband and I have committed ourselves to helping individuals at Coburn Place break away from the cowards and bullies and live independent lives free from violence. We have only begun our mission to help and look forward to helping more people realize what their lives could be and should be without fear of this type of violence.

We have big ideas and big plans . . . the only thing that gets in the way of our thinking is needing others to help with awareness of how big the problem truly is – an awareness of Coburn Place (the only place in Central Indiana providing independent housing for up to 2 years for victims) – and needing others to help support us financially and socially with our events and fundraisers. We are always looking for others to get involved! Every person and every child deserves to live without fear of domestic violence. Help us help these people.


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