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Mission Control: Prepare for Takeoff
16th Jan


Mission Control: Prepare for Takeoff

A new year always brings with it the ability to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. It can be an exciting time to embrace new ideas and positive change. Or it can be a reminder of the unmet goals of the past and the challenges ahead that seem daunting.

We’re choosing to move forward, meet the challenges head on and make the changes that will ultimately lead to the best outcomes for our clients and ultimately our community.  Our clients are doing the same for themselves.

One change that we began working on last year was revisiting our mission, vision and values. Certainly our commitment to helping domestic violence victims regain control of their lives has not changed.

What has changed is how we are communicating that commitment to you.

We are proud to share with you our new, clear and concise mission statement:  Coburn Place empowers victims of intimate partner violence to live as survivors.

It’s simple yet strong. And we can actually remember it word for word, because it’s exactly what we do.

We realize that each client of Coburn Place is on a unique journey. They all have their own goals and dreams. And no one knows how to achieve those better than they do themselves.

Think of each victim as the pilot of their own aircraft and their advocate as the co-pilot. The pilot is in charge of the determining the course, altitude and speed of the journey. The co-pilot is there right alongside prepping for take-off, offering support and monitoring progress. The pilot and co-pilot will take many flights together before the pilot is comfortable departing for the final destination, the transformation from victim to survivor.

For our clients, the realization that they – not their abuser or even their advocate – are in charge of their journey is complete empowerment. While the cockpit can be an overwhelming place, support is always flying right beside them. They may encounter lengthy layovers or need to transfer planes, but the final destination lies in their hands. All they need is the will and the wings to soar. We invite you to come along as passengers on the journey.

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