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From a Catch-22 to a Power Shift
22nd Feb


charting success

From a Catch-22 to a Power Shift

When you support Coburn Place, you transform lives. Victims become survivors. Cycles of violence are shattered. That’s powerful work you’re doing – a power shift. Let’s chart it.

One tactic of abusers is to use money as a form of control. When “Molly” arrived at Coburn Place, she was on the verge of losing her car. She was behind on payments, had several unpaid tickets and was without insurance and legal plates. Her situation was heading in a downward spiral.

Molly was determined to make her life better. She found a good-paying job, but it was far from her apartment. The bus wasn’t an option; it would only take her part way. She needed the car to keep the job. She also needed the job to keep the car. Classic Catch-22.

Enter you. You gave her a safe place to reach out for help. You gave her an advocate to create a plan of action with her. You gave her rent-free housing to put her income toward fixing her mistakes. You gave her back her power. That’s a power shift. 

Molly has achieved her goals. She was so busy doing so that it took her advocate charting her progress to realize just how far she has come. With her newly gained confidence, she’s ready to take on a new set of goals and a new role – SURVIVOR. Get your graph paper ready, there’s no doubt that with your support Molly will take you into uncharted territory!

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