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In the Driver’s Seat
18th Mar


Power Shift

In the Driver’s Seat

When “Marissa” moved into her apartment at Coburn Place, she was just 19 years old. She’s one of those people that on the outside is bold and strong, even a little intimidating at first. Once you get to know her, you realize she is quite sensitive on the inside. It didn’t take long to understand that she was scared and really hurting too.

Because you care, she was able to heal her wounds and begin to trust again. She formed a close bond with her advocate and other staff members. She opened up and let them in to help. She eventually found a good paying job. With the support from our housing advocate, she also found a safe apartment that fit her budget.

It’s been a little more than a year since Marissa graduated from Coburn Place. She’s 22 now and still working hard. She even just bought her first car. She stopped by recently to show it off to us, beaming with pride. Her confidence would make you proud, and her sense of humor would crack you up.

Something she said made me believe without a doubt that her transformation from victim to survivor is complete. With a huge smile on her face and a wink of her eye, she proclaimed “Being a grown up is really hard! True, Marissa, but you are handling it like a strong, self-confident woman. Power shift complete.

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