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Whatever it Takes
19th Mar


Whatever it Takes

Abusers are experts when it comes to controlling their victims. They know exactly which buttons to press and what tactics to use. While the trauma endured by victims takes its toll in many forms, one thing all victims share is being stripped of their power.

One minute “Camilla” was testifying against her abuser in a courtroom in Pennsylvania. The next, she and her four children were on their way to begin a new life at Coburn Place.

Once she arrived, her Coburn Place advocate helped her apply for TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) and food stamps. Her financial concerns were lessening, but Camilla continued to suffer. She was terrified to be alone or even sleep. When she did manage to rest, she experienced extreme nightmares.

Camilla grew more distant. She wasn’t following through with action steps toward her goals. Her children were missing too much school. Jacqueline, her advocate, became increasingly concerned. She finally discovered that Camilla was unable to obtain the three medications she needed to treat her severe depression and anxiety. Jacqueline set to work, doing whatever it took, to help Camilla. She got refills from her Pennsylvania doctor and arranged for an appointment with a mental health social worker and therapist at Midtown Community Mental Health Center.

Today, with a comprehensive treatment plan, the support of Jacqueline and the Midtown staff plus her medication, Camilla is improving. She even recently found a job.

None of this would have been possible without your support. You give us the resources to hire compassionate staff and to provide safe, no-cost housing. You do whatever it takes to make the power shift back to victim. You help her live as a survivor – thank you.

Be sure to check out all of the good work you’re doing right here on our blog and on Facebook. Search #PowerShift. You’ll find more stories – like Marissa’s, the transformation of a teen victim to an adult survivor. If you really want to feel great about your support, join Team Coburn Place at Blue Breakfast. We’ll save a seat for you


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