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Supporter Spotlight: All Souls Unitarian Church
19th Apr


Supporter Spotlight: All Souls Unitarian Church

We are so grateful to our friends at All Souls Unitarian Church for adopting an apartment! Their sponsorship covers the cost of preparing a unit for a new family. Not only does it help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, but it keeps building upkeep expenses low. And that means more funds for services.

They have found some other great ways to get their entire congregation involved in the Coburn Place mission. Some of these ideas didn’t even cost a cent but made a huge impact!

One of the best ways to help combat domestic violence is to learn the signs and understand the cycle. All Souls took action and invited our Adult Services Director, Jenni, to speak at a service. Jenni was able to share information about DV and let them know that Coburn Place is here to help victims. Considering 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men will experience some type of intimate partner abuse in their lifetime, the chances are all too high that someone will benefit from the information Jenni shared.

When asked why it is important for their church to get involved in the community, Jane Perry gave a simple but eloquent answer.  She shared these thoughts, “The first of our seven principles is that we value and honor the inherent worth and dignity or every person.  The second principle is justice, equity and compassion.  I feel that by helping at Coburn we might be helping just a little to provide justice to someone who has been unjustly treated.” That they are, in many different ways.

They are tapping into the expertise of their congregation to help our families. One member is an environmental specialist, who is creating a packet for Coburn Place graduates to alert them of environmental hazards they might encounter in their new homes. This is just another way they are helping our families live safe, healthy lives.

For several years during the holidays, they have shared their bounty with Coburn Place families. Recently, they brought beautiful baskets filled with household gifts. These items helped clients stretch their budgets and filled them with joy.

Thirty-five apartments require A LOT of furnishings. All Souls recently held a rummage sale. Instead of asking everyone to haul their unsold items back home, they brought them to us. Our donation room has been restocked with some very nice household items that will create cozy homes for new families.

When it comes to finding creative ways to offer their support, All Souls Unitarian Church is a team full of all-stars! Many thanks from all of the families and staff!

Wondering how you or your group can get involved? Check out these ideas.



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