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Sticking to Her Plan
22nd Apr


Sticking to Her Plan

Each Coburn Place client works with an advocate to create an individualized set of goals and action steps called a Personal Plan for Independence or PPI. When we see someone with as much determination as “Pamela” to stick to and work her plan, we can’t help but be inspired. You will be, too.

Pamela is one of the “older” ladies at Coburn Place. In her mid 50’s, she’s quiet and keeps mostly to herself. When you see her, though, she always flashes a beautiful smile that would make someone having the worst day ever want to smile back at her. She keeps her apartment tidy and her business personal. She’s seen enough nonsense in her life, and doesn’t want to be part of any more.

Pamela works part-time earning a very modest income. With just nine months under her Coburn belt, she is set to accomplish some bold goals with the support you have given to her.

Like many DV survivors, Pamela has credit problems. Before establishing her PPI, she had an outstanding debt of $700 owed to Section 8, a federal low-income housing program. To someone with her income, it might as well have been $7,000!

Because of your support, Pamela is able to live in a safe, supportive home at no cost to her. She is determined to pay off her debt, but that’s not all. She set her pay-off goal for July. As of today, she has just $200 left to pay! She will meet her goal ahead of schedule. She has even saved $400 in her Coburn Place savings account, a nest egg that will be there when she moves to her permanent home.

Speaking of her permanent home, even though she still has more than a year of eligibility left at Coburn Place, she has her sight focused well into the future. Pamela has been working with our Housing Advocate, Stephanie, to submit applications now for affordable housing, knowing how long the wait can be.

That’s her plan, and she’s sticking to it.

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