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Transitioning to a Stronger and Better Woman
12th Jun


Transitioning to a Stronger and Better Woman

Did you know we have a new mission statement? “Coburn Place empowers victims of intimate partner violence to live as survivors.” This is the ultimate transformation.

But actions speak louder than words, right?! I found this extraordinary message in my inbox the other day. I knew I had to share it with you. While it’s not grammatically perfect, its sentiment is.



Don’t really know where to begin lol. I was married to my abuser for almost 17yrs. We have 3 children Kalen 18, Kayla 14, and Kaden 9. My 2 youngest came with me. When I came to Coburn Place I was a broken woman and was ready to give up and go back home every time things didn’t feel or look right. All I knew was my life I had with him. Coburn Place is transitional housing and its exactly what I did. I transitioned into a stronger and better woman for myself and my kids. I didn’t know I had it in me. I learned to be self sufficient, learned to know which battles to fight, how to fight them, and when to fight them. I successfully completed Getting Ahead program. The day I started that program I was diagnosed with breast cancer again but missed only one class and that was the day of my surgery. God do things for a reason. It was a reason for my family and I to move to Coburn Place. I had more then enough support throughout my appointments, surgeries and aftercare. So the Coburn Place staff and some residents helped me mentally and physically. Every last staff member has played a big part in my life in these past 17 months of living and growing here. I don’t hold a lot of anger in anymore, my kids and I have grown closer, I survived breast cancer again and I’m stress and abused free today because of my Safe Haven Coburn Place. I’m going to miss all of you. Love and Thank you for everything. ‘When you know better you do better’.

La Toya W.


Each dollar you give, hour you volunteer, toaster you donate or Facebook like you make changes the lives of DV survivors.

So go ahead and put yourself in the mission. <Your first name> empowers victims of intimate partner abuse to live as survivors. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Absolutely.

To empower more victims, like La Toya, to live as survivors, please make a gift today. Your impact is real. More stories are waiting for you in our recently released 2013 Annual Report.




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