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Supporter of Note: Charles Schwab
11th Jul


Supporter of Note: Charles Schwab

SchwabWhen a company provides paid time off for employees to volunteer, you know they are serious about supporting their community. Each year, the Charles Schwab company organizes a nationwide, week-long volunteer event. Our local “Schwabbie” friends offered their services not once but twice this summer!

They came equipped with their own cleaning supplies and the muscle to put them to work.  They cleaned the building inside and out. They also set up and decorated an apartment for a new Coburn Place family.

When they left, our building was sparkling clean from top to bottom.  Our cleaning supplies were replenished. Our program received $500 to support our families. And we made a bunch of new friends. But the company’s commitment to Coburn Place doesn’t end there.

We are thrilled to welcome Charles Schwab as a CoburnFest! sponsor at the $5,000 “Breaking the Cycle” level! The impact of this gift truly will help our families break the cycle of violence.

We are so grateful to the Schwabbies for all of the many ways they offer their support! If your group is looking for a volunteer project, we invite you to check out some of the community and corporate partnership opportunities. Have your own idea? Contact Suzy, or 317-923-5750, and share your thoughts.

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