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Leading the Way
15th Jul


Leading the Way

Coburn Place Safe Haven is a member of the Full Frame Initiative’s Domestic and Sexual Violence (DSV) Cohort Demonstration Project. This Project is a multi-year endeavor bringing together 10 exemplary DSV organizations and a number of allies from across the country as a learning and action community. Together we will intentionally orient our work around the Five Domains of Wellbeing in order to reflect and support the “full frame” of survivors’ lives.

This project will also pilot and refine participant assessment, tracking and outcome measure tools focused on the Five Domains of Wellbeing; evaluate the impact of the shift to a full frame approach on organizations and for survivors; and generate data about what works in helping survivors facing complex challenges. Read more about the DSV Cohort and learn about the other members.


In May 2014 FFI released a report of the DSV Cohort’s work and our collective call to action, to move the DSV field from services to reclaim our roots in social change and social justice.  Read and download the report here.

In June 2014, we hosted a 2-day meeting of the DSV Cohort to begin moving forward on the action plan.

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