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Soaring Off the Charts
6th Aug


Soaring Off the Charts

Remember Molly and her graph of success? Well, she hit a bump in the road, so to speak. After nearly losing her car, she finally caught up on her payments while living at Coburn Place. A recent accident took the car out of commission. She was back to square one.

She has a good job, but it’s not on the bus line. She has to have a car to keep the job. She also has to have the job to keep the car. That’s where the Catch-22 came into play.

Like many domestic violence survivors, Molly has credit problems. She didn’t think she would be able to buy another car. So she rented one – at the cost $600/month. For that price, someone with a good credit history could get a very nice car.

Here’s how your support keeps making a difference for Molly. With help from her advocate, she was able to find a reputable dealer that helped her get financing for a reliable used car. It took a lot of work. They needed employment and personal references. She had to complete budgeting exercises and prove she could afford the payments. Throughout the whole process, Molly remained confident in her decision and a positive outcome.

Once everything checked out to the dealer’s satisfaction, she became an auto owner again. Her payment is now $300/month – half of what she was paying in rental fees! And the good news continues. After a year of making payments, she’ll be able to refinance at a lower interest rate and drop her monthly payments even more.

A temporary setback didn’t deter Molly. Her confidence and drive (no pun intended) continues to soar off the charts. The road to self-sufficiency is paved with your support. That’s how you make a #PowerShift happen – THANK YOU!



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