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“And I am a Survivor!”
14th Aug


“And I am a Survivor!”

Your support empowers victims of domestic violence to live as survivors. Truly.

“Karen” takes advantage of many services your support provides. From self-defense classes to DV support groups, she’s making the most of her opportunity. She recently graduated from the “Getting Ahead” group, which helps individuals in poverty build resources for more prosperous lives.

Here is an excerpt from Karen’s graduation speech:

I lived a life where I was in the fast lane with a blindfold on. I had a lot of abuse.  I was stabbed, beat, I was strangled. I eventually wound up in a coma. Drugs were involved.  I was a cocaine addict for 16 years.

Thanks to my mom, my kids weren’t involved with CPS. She took care of them. Today, I have a relationship with them. I have housing. I have everything a person needs to get out of the mess I put myself into.  It’s a long, hard and slow process.  It can seem like things aren’t going anywhere, but they really are. I’ve shut the door to my past, and I’m just looking for a new life. And I am a SURVIVOR!


"I am a SURVIVOR!"

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