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Supporter Spotlight: Buffalo Soldiers
3rd Feb


Supporter Spotlight: Buffalo Soldiers

You wrapped us in the warmest blanket of kindness and generosity this past year, and we couldn’t be more grateful! It would be near to impossible to highlight every act, but we want you to know that our families certainly feel loved.

We made some wonderful new friends in the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club of Indianapolis. The Buffalo Soldiers are a group of active and retired law enforcement, public safety, social services and medical professionals as well as positive-thinking members of the community. Their ultimate goal is to ride.

They stand out wherever they go in in their golden yellow shirts and decorated black leather vests. But it’s their commitment to making their community a better place that made us take notice.

Vice President, Daryl Hayden, says that giving back comes naturally to this group, considering their professional backgrounds. They’ve worked with a variety of charitable organizations over the years and decided to focus their efforts and resources on a single organization for the coming year. He shared, “We found Coburn Place to be most worthy and our goal is to build a relationship with your organization over the coming years.  Last year’s events were the first of what we hope will be many more to come.”

They certainly brightened our holiday season by donating Christmas dinners for all 35 Coburn Place families. That’s a lot of mouths to feed!

So many of you have such big hearts for our kids, especially during the holidays. So many in fact that we were able to really spread around the good cheer with this support and a special project from the Buffalo Soldiers.

This group of friends took 20 kids shopping at Meijer, giving them $100 each – for anything they wanted! With this very generous offer, kids who moved into Coburn Place late in the season – like Morgan and Maya, kids on our waiting list and even some Coburn Place graduates were able to participate. Some bought toys and videos games. Others chose shoes and clothes. Everyone got hugs and that wonderful feeling when you do something nice for someone else, or someone does something for you.

Many thanks to our friends from the Indy Buffalo Soldiers! You sure did something nice for us.

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