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Supporter Spotlight: Emily Shrock
5th Mar


Supporter Spotlight: Emily Shrock

High school and college students play a big role in our volunteer community. We’re so grateful to have their support. Most come faithfully for a semester or maybe a year. But on rare occasions they keep coming back and stay involved. Emily Shrock definitely falls in the latter category.

Emily first got involved with Coburn Place through her sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma, while at Butler University. We have been the Kappa’s charity for years, but we never imagined that a kickball tournament in 2006 would bring such a fabulous volunteer.

That fundraising kickball tournament introduced to Emily to Coburn Place. But she decided she wanted to do more. She volunteered regularly to help out at the front desk. Her friendly, easy-going manner made her a perfect fit for a position that can get a little harried at times. She felt so connected to the mission and the staff that she continued her involvement throughout her undergrad studies and even during law school.

Emily has since joined our special events committees and has helped raised tens of thousands of dollars to support Coburn Place families. She has become our CoburnFest! silent auction guru – securing fabulous donations and keeping everything and everyone organized. She can even occasionally be seen at her old post, the front desk, during monthly staff meetings.

Emily loves Indy. It’s apparent in all aspects of her life. She is a deputy prosecutor and has been a public servant for a decade. She is also a candidate in the race for City County Council in District 16, Fountain Square, a neighborhood she knows well. She and her sister live there with their Wheaten Terrier, Finnegan. They love shopping at the local businesses and trying all the great restaurants in the area. She attends Christ Church Cathedral, downtown on Monument Circle.

Emily’s favorite volunteering moments come from her involvement with Blue Breakfast. She shared, “I am always moved and inspired listening to the survivor story. (Mark your calendars for April 2!).  Each year, a woman speaks to provide a true testimonial to the resources that Coburn provided her to escape abuse and leave Coburn as a survivor.”

When asked what has kept her involved with Coburn Place all of these years, Emily shared her passion for our mission. “I have learned first-hand that Coburn Place is a place for victims of domestic violence to learn and grow as independent women. I am constantly impressed by the programming Coburn provides the women and children it houses, creating an environment to truly thrive in a safe environment. But most inspiring are the women that grow with and empower one another.” She also added that, “The staff make volunteering so enjoyable.”

We need to insert a correction here: Awesome volunteers like Emily make OUR job so enjoyable!


Get inspired and join Emily and the rest of our amazing committee at the 8th Annual Blue Breakfast: Believe & Achieve on April 2, 2015. Seats and sponsorships available now.

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