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Do You Believe in Her?
9th Mar


Do You Believe in Her?

This year’s Blue Breakfast theme is ‘Believe & Achieve’. We think “Natalie’s” story brings these words to life. Don’t you agree?

Natalie has her hands full these days. And she has a head equally full – of dreams. She wants a better life for herself and her kids. She knows the first step is to get her GED. Natalie has been out of school for a while. She’s been studying life, not the books.

Enter Cindy. Cindy’s sister, Marie, has been a long-time advocate of Coburn Place and a wonderful volunteer. She urged her sister to get involved, too. So she did. Our Volunteer and Resource Coordinator, Kathy, paired Cindy and Natalie for one-on-one GED tutoring.

After their first session, Natalie rushed to the front desk and asked to speak with Kathy. Kathy became worried that something might be wrong. Kathy’s concerns dissolved as the words came tumbling out of Natalie’s mouth.

“I love her!” she gushed. Kathy quickly realized that Natalie was talking about the volunteer tutor she had been partnered with – Cindy.

Natalie’s new-found confidence shined as she excitedly relayed the details of their first meeting. “I can do this,” she said, “and I remember so much more than I realized! I even asked her for homework so I can practice!” She flipped through the pages of her donated notebook to show off her progress, stopping first at the inside cover where she had written, “Mommy’s Homework.” “I know that it will be so good for my kids to see me studying and working hard towards this goal,” she said with a smile.

Natalie and her amazing tutor still have months of work planned as she prepares for this exam. But she is able to take confidence-building steps in the right direction because of the generous support of people like you.

With each item you donate, each hour you volunteer, each dollar you share – you are helping individuals like Natalie take real, tangible steps towards achieving their goals and overcoming the obstacles they face.

Your support is making a difference in the lives of families like Natalie’s. Thank you for believing in them, so they can believe in themselves. We couldn’t do it without you. They couldn’t either.

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