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Supporter Spotlight: Shannon Burdick
14th Apr


Supporter Spotlight: Shannon Burdick

With an emphasis on Blue Breakfast this month, it’s only fitting to highlight super supporter, Shannon Burdick. Shannon has served on the Blue Breakfast committee since its beginning in 2008. In fact, she was pregnant with her first child then. When her daughter, Kaitlyn, decided to arrive earlier than planned, Shannon didn’t shrug off her duties. She’s such a dedicated volunteer that she finished the Sponsor PowerPoint that’s shown during the event, from her hospital room!

Shannon was first introduced to Coburn Place ten years ago through her hair salon, which was holding a wish list drive for us. After learning a bit more, she found herself at a volunteer orientation a week later.

She began volunteering by setting up apartments. At first she came alone, then she got her family involved. Not long after she convinced her employer, Best Buy to get involved, too. Best Buy has been a huge supporter of Coburn Place donating hundreds of volunteer hours and tens of thousands of dollars, all thanks to Shannon. She even held an annual golf tournament with Best Buy employees to benefit Coburn Place.

After three years setting up apartments, she became a member of our special events committee, helping to make Blue Breakfast and CoburnFest! such big successes. When asked what keeps her coming back, Shannon shares, “I stay involved because I believe in the mission, the women who are changing their lives for themselves and their children, and the staff that works at Coburn Place every day. Every success story I hear brings hope and joy and I know the small part I play in volunteering is helping these women to succeed.

“I have so many favorite memories,” Shannon reflected. “The accomplishment I feel when setting up an apartment and knowing that soon a woman and her children will be safe in their new home. I love attending Coburn Place’s fundraising events, hearing the success stories year after year at Blue Breakfast, the entire program is inspirational.

Well, Shannon, we want to tell you that you’ve been a HUGE part in the success of Coburn Place families! We are so grateful for your true blue friendship. You are an inspiration to us.

Want to get involved and meet wonderful people, just like Shannon? Check out the volunteer opportunities and get started today.

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