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Supporter Spotlight: Will Turpin
12th Jun


Supporter Spotlight: Will Turpin

When we handed out the volunteer awards at our Supporter Luau in April, Will Turpin cleaned up. He won several awards including the “Champagne Award” for most sparkling personality. He could have just as easily won the “Swiss Army Knife” award for most indispensable.

Will wears many hats with regard to his service to Coburn Place. But his favorite activity is helping out with the kids. He hosts parties and movie nights, often bringing delicious homemade treats.  When they held their annual lemonade stand last summer, Will was out on the sidewalk along 38th Street with a sign to drum up business.

He has many favorite moments from volunteering, but the one that sticks out the most to him was his first day with the kids.

Will shared this touching story. “My first day volunteering at Coburn, a young kid came up to me and asked if I was new. I told him I was a new volunteer and introduced myself. He told me being new is scary, but not to worry because he would be my friend. That kid and his family have since left Coburn Place, but I see his face and remember what he told me that first day every time I meet a new resident and their family.”

Will is also very involved in the Jewish community and many young professionals organizations. He is also the owner of Whiskey & Honey Salon and uses his connections to get others involved in the Coburn Place mission. He’s a member of our special events committee, bringing fresh ideas and new supporters to the table. He recently began donating his expertise to provide haircuts to our residents, making them look and feel great. Whenever there is a community event benefiting Coburn Place, Will is available to help out as a wonderful ambassador. When we sent out a plea for help after an apartment fire, guess who came to help clean up? You got it – Will.

He enjoys spending his free time, what little there is, with his husband, Josh (also a Coburn volunteer), their four dogs and his nephew, Lukas. But he keeps coming back to Coburn Place. He says he stays involved because, “I believe in the mission, and know that I am making a difference in the lives of the residents. I have seen firsthand the success stories come to fruition – women who felt weak realizing how strong they really are, children who were shy and afraid now helping other kids to feel safe and welcome and families who were broken made whole again.”

There aren’t enough awards we could hand out that truly show our gratitude and affection for Will. His passion, dedication and friendship are treasured by staff, other volunteers and Coburn Place families alike. You rock, Will!

Want to get involved and meet great people like Will? Check out our calendar for upcoming volunteer orientations and sign up today!


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