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Summer Celebration of Featured Supporters
6th Jul


Summer Celebration of Featured Supporters

We all have our favorites; our favorite cars, food, etc.  What makes those things our favorite? That car wouldn’t be our favorite if it wasn’t made with the finest parts and the distinguished interior and exterior.  That food wouldn’t taste like our favorite food without all the right ingredients mixed together.  Well Coburn Place wouldn’t be anyone’s favorite without you – all of our supporters to make it the best it can be.  Luckily, Coburn Place is a favorite to many because of all the amazing sponsors and volunteers we have.  You make it possible to give these strong and independent residents the power to become self-sufficient and happy because that is what they deserve to be.

Many of these residents are mothers, sisters, and friends who are able to stay in nice apartments, go to a wide variety of classes, and able to get wonderful donations.  They wouldn’t have this without the help and support of you.  You are the backbone to Coburn Place and the people who keep our families thriving.

This summer we are celebrating all of our hard working supporters and volunteers on social media with #CPsupporters. A Summer Celebration of Featured Supporters will put a different individual or group in the spotlight each day. Not only will you get the chance to meet them but also learn why it is so beneficial to support Coburn Place.  We will share stories, quotes from our staff, and share our gratitude to these supporters during this campaign and we are very excited for everyone to read along.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the next 3 weeks to see who is in the spotlight!

We love our supporters and it wouldn’t be our favorite Coburn Place Safe Haven without you!


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