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Your 2016 Impact Report

This is how you made a difference for domestic violence survivors and their families. Read your 2016 Impact Report.

Thank you to all of our 2016  financial donors!

You make every success happen. Download the list here.

We strive for 100% accuracy in compiling this list. If we made an error, please let us know

Domestic Violence Prevention and Treatment (DVPT), Indiana Criminal Justice Institute
Housing Trust Fund, City of Indianapolis
The Indianapolis Foundation, an affiliate of the CICF
Office of Violence Against Women (OVW) Transitional Housing Assistance Grant (USDOJ)
Victims of Crime Act (VOCA), Indiana Criminal Justice Institute
Active 20/30 Club of Indianapolis
Children’s Bureau, Inc.
CoburnFest! Attendees
Creative Approaches
Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG), City of Indianapolis
Lumina Foundation
Moorehead Family Foundation
Nicholas H. Noyes, Jr. Memorial Foundation
The Forest Fund
The REALTOR Foundation ®
The TJX Foundation, Inc.
Women’s Caucus I.U. School of Law – Indianapolis
Citizens Energy Group
Delta Faucet Company
HUD Continuum of Care, City of Indianapolis
Indianapolis Power & Light Company
Lacy Foundation
Lilly Endowment, Inc.
MainSource Bank
MCR Charitable Foundation
Pacers Foundation
Samerian Foundation
The Brave Heart Foundation
Anonymous (3)
Ayres Foundation, Inc.
Bedel Financial Consulting, Inc.
Scott and Danielle Borah
Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), City of Indianapolis
Charles Schwab
Charles Schwab Foundation
Christ Church Cathedral
Jeff and Dana Cristee
Michael Daniel and Angie Marshall
Domestic Violence Network
DOZ Charitable Foundation
Frost Brown Todd LLC
Tracey Horth Krueger and Jere Krueger
Indianapolis Colts
IU Health Community Outreach and Engagement
Kappa Kappa Gamma, Mu Chapter
Karla Painter
Jim and Kathy Pease
Mary Elizabeth Rudd
Shaw-Burkhardt-Brenner Foundation
Stonegate Mortgage Corporation
Konrad Szymanski and Sonia Maria Raposo
The Angie’s List Foundation
The Roberta Saccaro Witchger Charitable Fund
United HealthCare Services Inc.
Tom and Terri Vahey
V-Day Indianapolis
Woodforest National Bank
Allison Transmission
AmeriFirst Financial Corporation
Anonymous (3)
Axiom Human Resource Solutions
Nancy Barnes
Beaty/C-Tech Fund
Matt Belsley and Lara Chandler-Belsley
Brees Dream Foundation
Andy and Tonya Burroughs
Castleton Sertoma Club Inc.
Dennis and Angela Cecil
Larry and Melissa Chandler
Charles Schwab Foundation
Coalition for Homelessness Intervention and Prevention (CHIP)
C-Tech Corporation, Inc.
Dan and Lynn Davis
Davita Total Renal Care
John and Amy Duffin
Fifth Third Bank
First Friends Meeting
Formstack LLC
Christine Franklin
Gregory Gault and Jeanne Maurer-Gault
Tom and Erica Gause
Sunil Gollapudi and Sylvia Ertel
Marvin and Jane Hackman
Stephen Hackman and Jill Koehlinger
Hedges and Associates, LLC
Neil Heider and Shannon Kiely
Heritage Environmental Services, LLC
Joseph Heth
Curt and Kandi Hidde
Beth Huffman
Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance
Indiana First Lady’s Charitable Foundation
Indianapolis Reentry Educational Facility
Chris Iverson
Brian and Mary Kay Ferrell
Katherine Kendrick
Carmie Klein
Lemonade Stand Attendees
David and Sarah Mahaffa
Marion County Public Health Department
Molly G. Martin and Neal Eggeson
James and Nina Meyer
Marc and Heather Moss
Northside MIBOR
Alan and Jayne Palkowitz
Steve and Connie Pollom
Scripps Howard Foundation
Second Presbyterian Church
William and Dana Sherwood
Michael and Joan Soller
St. John’s United Church of Christ of Indianapolis
The Glick Family Foundation
The Willard and Anne Levin Foundation
Mark and Toni Van Horn
Anonymous (7)
Vally Allen
Kathi and Dick Badertscher
Arnab and Anu Bag
Blue Breakfast Attendees
Bonnie Hansen Bromund Fund
Brandt Construction
Howard Calderon
Todd and Meredith Carbrey
Center for Diagnostic Imaging
Central Indiana Realist Association
Charles Schwab
Dan and Joy Cobb
Deborah J. Daniels
Duke Realty Corporation
First Meridian Heights Presbyterian Church
Gaia Works
Give With Liberty
William and Nancy Gustashaw
Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County
Dawn Higgins and Sue McDowell
Gerhard Hoffmann
Julia Tipton Hogan
Indianapolis Colts Fans
Irish Mechanical Services, Inc.
Sondra Jones
A.K. and Jackie King
Krieg DeVault LLP
Brian and Jenn Manning
Kevin and Elizabeth Marshall
North Central High School
PEDCOR Companies
Marjorie Peschau
Michael and Jody Petrie
Trevor Potts
John and Marcia Reed
Kelly Shern Rosenkrans and Randall Rosenkrans
Simon Property Group
Pat and Debbie Spencer
State Employees’ Community Campaign
T C Howe High School
The Walmart Foundation
Jerry and Linda Toomer
Rita Venable
Web Sales of Indiana, Inc.
Emily West
Stephanie Whittaker
Angela Aboud-Jones and Steve Jones
Sarah Alder
Barbara Baekgaard
Jacqueline Blackwell
Jacob and Melissa Brown
Career Path Training Corp
John and Barbara Chirgwin
Mildred Collins
David and Consuelo Davis
Charles and Janet Dunn
Donald and Myra Fisher
Ping Fuller
Robert Gatrell
Henry Gianatasio
Bill and Gerry Griffith
David and Leslie Hartlieb
Salli Horst
Doug and Lois Horth
John Knox Presbyterian Church
Rodney and Catherine Jones
Karen Juodvalkis
Kiwanis Club of Indianapolis
Ladies of Grace KSPC 4th Degree
Lahinch Associates, LLC
Michael and Mary Ann Lang
Kelly Lavengood Schenkel
Light of the World Christian Church Usher Ministry
Scott and Marie Lowe
Jennifer Magley
Marian University
Kate Marvel and Cornie Martin
Katy McBryan and Dennis O’Connor
Susanah Mead
Joseph and Jill Misner
Jim and Carol Mutter
Harry and Suzy Nakamura
Nichols Family
Joyce Okantey
Steve and Lona Prchal
Presbyterian Women in Fairview Church
Ray Family
Jennifer Riley
Todd and Mary Sanger
Alicia Schulhof and Patrick O’Connor
David and Jessica Schwarz
St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church of Carmel
St. George Charitable Fund
Corey Staten
Torrey and Katy Teats
Eugene R. Thomas
Will Turpin-Doty and Josh Doty
Tom and Cindy Wadelton
Sharon Wardrip
Mike and Molly Warmelink
Kathy Willing
Witherspoon Presbyterian Church
George Wood
Working Title
Andy Zelt
Anonymous (8)
Matt and Amy Adolay
Alpha Chi Omega
Alpha Chi Omega Foundation
Alpha Wives Auxiliary
Gordon and Jane Amos
Chaunda Anderson
Azonda Andrews
Eddie Arauco
Nancy Banks
Ryan and Erin Berger
Andrew and Erin Beyer
Larry and Brenda Blackerby
Robert Bregenzer
Lois Brennan
Brics, Inc.
Eric and Dana Brock
Ben and Katherine Brown
Larry and D’Ashlee Brunson
Wendy Burbank
Richard Burkman
Teresa Butler
Anne Carpenter
Patrick Carroll
Brian and Delsie Cavanaugh
Sonia Chen Arnold
Karla Chevrie
Angelo Chinni
Jan L. Clark
Adam Clevenger and Jessica Trimble
Susan Connor
Cook Family
Craig and Amy Cox
Fred and Alice Croner
Jordan Davan
Judy Donner and John Mullen
Nancy Dunn
Early Learning Center at Winding Ridge
Paul Edelman
Robin Eldib
Eric and Barb Ellsworth
John and Joyce Ertel
William and Kathryn Farrington
Robin Fields
Mark and Indra Frank
Anita Frankel
Lisa Freeman and Kevin Hardie
Sharla Fults
Dave and Jenny Geist
Bill and Betty Gilbert
John and Debbie Grew
Michael and Heather Hall
Eleanor and Jeanne-Marie Hebert
Charles Heintzelman
Jordan, Jennifer and Andrew Hesterhagen
Kim and Leah Hilgenkamp
Bryan and Elizabeth Hirsch
Jerry and Chelsea Hodges
Trey and Cheryl Holland
Kimberly Holmes
David and Shelley Hornak
H. W. and Carol Hosford
Indiana NORML
Mark and Karen Jones
Michael and Mary Jovanovich
Sharon Kay McCord
David Kerr
Cindy Kiesel
Michaela Kim Neal
Lorraine Knight
Kirk Koenig
Pamela Kramer
Raio and Meghan Krishnaya
David and Ana Kroll
Tracey Leigh Leigh Cash Ward
John and Valerie Lindenschmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Linsmith
Butch Lockhart
Tom and Patricia Loftus
Maggie Loiselle and Seth Keevers
Jody Long
Rhonda Long-Sharp and Scott Sharp
Ruth Loprete
Lord Family
Rachel Loveman and Lyle Fettig
Madam CJ Hat Society
Marion County Chapter of Emergency Nurses Assoc.
Linda Maureen O’Bryan
Dan and Lita McCaw
Scott Mercaeant-Koohns
Norman and Judith Meyer
Marty Miles
Veronica Miller
Rebecca Moore Darrah
Allison Moore
Stan and Shirley Mullin
New Hope Missionary Baptist Church
Charles Noble
Rachel Nolan Johnson
North United Methodist Church
Greg O’Connor
Jane O’Hara
Stephen Orphey
Michael Dennis Overdorf
Justin and Rachel Patten
Nicole Prostko
Frank Pulice
Kristen Pulice
Scott Reed
Siobhan and Maddie Reidy
Christopher and Michelle Reinhold
Chris Retter
Carolyn Ribordy
Vicki Riley
Randy Rollins
Olivia Roney
Erin Rosenthall
William Rosier
Eric Samuelson
Toni Sanders
Thomas and Conya Scherer
Darlene Schick
Anna Schimmoller
Kim Ann Schultz
David and Ellen Seiferth
Dana and Amy Severs
Julie Shedd
Val Simianu and Nikki Anderson
Sherrie Smith
John and Karen St Clair
St. Vincent PACU
Bill and Kimberley Stagg
Stars of Indy Camping Club
Robert M. Stump Jr.
Dustin and Heather Swartzell
Martin Van Buren
Vontra Foods II, LLC dba Punch Burger
Kerstin Wade
Stanley Warren
Erin Weesner
Tina M. Weldon
Donald Wells
Jack and Angie Welter
Patricia Whipple
Jenni White and Eve Keller
Nathan White
Helena Witzke
Christine Wolfe
Margaret Wood
Adam Wright
Up to $99
Anonymous (32)
Lauren Adderly
Shuron Agnew
Saabirah and Tysha Ahmad
Dale Alan Alan Glick
Suzanne Alaniz
Marlon and Keyla Alessio
Betty Allen
Michael and Melanie Allen
Alpha Chi Omega of Butler University
Emily and Allison Annand
Arbutus Garden Club
Deborah Arkush-Huet
Jeffrey and Mr Arnold
Carla Askren
Isabel Atlas
Nancy Atwood
Leslie Bailey and Daniel Incandela
Kay Dee Baird
Kitty Barbaglia
John and Jessica Barth
Frances Batchelder
Karen Beere
Lisa Benjamin and Tyler Hesterhagen
Terry and Suilon Benjamin
Brent Berneking and Nick Spalding
Laura Berry
Bethel Tabernacle
Shelly Bingle
Shirley Bixler
Tim Blagsvedt
Blakely Family
Meghan Blakely
Monica Blankenship
Rod Bohannan
Matthew and Meg Bohrer
Mark Boner
Linda Bottoms
J.T. Bowers
Lauren Brosmer
Katelyn Brouillard
Ronald and Debbie Brummett
Lauren Bulakowski
Marilyn Bull
Tom and Shannon Burdick
Scott Burk
Ian Burke
Nora Burke
K W Butkiewicz
Brock and Jennifer Byrd
Joshua Carmichael
Owen and Janet Carver
Krista Carver-Harrison
Chardon Laboratories
Charles Schwab
Matthew Cheek
John and Jody Chiarotti
Daryl and Dolly Clark
Elizabeth Clark
Steve Clark
Tiffany Cline
Lawerence and Ellen Coan
Dave and Leona Coburn
Regina Cohen
Barbara Cohn
K I Cole
Angela Collins-Cooper
Molly Connor
Cheryl Conwell
Barbara Cook Barnes
Briana Cook
Rebekah Cooksey
Betty Corbitt
Gwyn Cornell
Kathryn Couts
Terry L. Coyle
Bob and Patsy Cram
Catrina Cranfill
Taylor Crosby
Jim and Nellita Cuniffe
Tracie Curtis
Sally Cutler
Jai Dale
Kathy Dalla Costa
Dolores Darden
Mike Delaney
Mary Jo DeMyer
Erica Deutsch
Meghann Dials
Nancy Dietmeyer
Emily Djabi
Daniel E. Doell
Marcia Doty
Amy Downs
Whitney Dunbar
Deborah Ann Dupee
Jeffrey and Phyllis Durborow
Christy Durden-Brown
Myra Echt
Peggy Eggeson
Bradley Ellenwood
Debra Elliott
Donnett Emakirun
Charles Engel
Ted and Ann Engel
Aric and Marcia Eppich-Harris
Margaret Ertel
Duane and Leah Estes
Sarah Eutsler / On A Good Note Designs
Robin Findley
Brianna Finney
First United Methodist Church Ministries, Inc.
Liz Fitzgerald
Delaney Flattery
Jennifer Foulke
Davisha Fredericks
Ed and Laurie Freeman
Grace Fulwider
Sara Gable
Ed and Phyllis Gabovitch
Kate Gasiorowki
Ron and Aimee Gervasi
Rachel Gilboy
Cyrena Gilman
Girl Scout Troup #866
Harmony Glenn
Rebecca Gloyd
Marilyn Goeke
Rori Goldman
Lisa Gordon
Rob Gottlieb
Fred and Diane Graczyk
Keith and Martha Ann Gran
Gary Gray
Steve and Michele Green
Barbara M. Gregory
Jouna Gregory
Jeanette Grissom
Jill Grossman
David Gudal
Karren Gullion
Paula Guthrie
Nathan and Sarah Haas
Amanda Haase
Pam Hamilton
Chris Handberg
Susan Hanna
Jim Hardee
Vicky Harrison
Aundrea Hart
Edward and Elizabeth Hathaway
Trish Hawkins
Ida B. Hayes
Samuel and Margaret Hazlett
Donell Heberer Walton
Sue Heimann
Susie Hendricks Bailey
John and Margaret Herder
Noel Heymann
Seth and Nancy Hildebrand
Edward and Reba Hill
Helena Hitzeman
Marti Hitzeman
Sherri Hoogeveen
Chris Horne
Dave and Michelle Hosick
Jane Hoster
Megan Houghton
Dorothy Howell
Doug Howie
Beverly Hudson
Daniel and Victoria Hufhand
Pamela Humes
Michael and Patricia Hurst
Indiana Inc
Domenyk Jackson
Mark and Jessica Jacobs
William Jannetta
Molly Jarchow
Michael Jefferis
Amber Jones
Calli Jones
Mary Jones
Shirley Jones
Lori Justice
Steve and Katie Katzenberger
Alvin and Mariellen Katzman
Shawn and Fran Keeney
Joey Keller
Gwen Kelley
Anne Kelly
Rick and Melody Kissling
Kristina Korobov
Daniel Kurzendorfer
Martha La Bounty
Bob and Melinda Lain
Scott Lakin
Lampert Family
Beverly Lang
Elizabeth Lawrence
Robin Lawrence
David and Mary Ann Lear
Ross Ledgerwood
Nina Ledsinger
Seth Leeper
Susan Lewis
Tamika Liebig
Donna Lipan
Jim and Glenn Livers
Alexis Llorens
Heather Lloyd
Dennis R. Lord
Flor Lugo
Evelyn Magley
Joshua Mahaffa
Linda Mahrdt
Jill Mansfield
Thomas and Flo Mary Mantel
Holly Maria Barce
Mike Marker
Beverly Markoff
Dave and Susie Marren
Eliza Martin
Karen Martin
Marguerite Martin
Sonia Martinez and Marilyn Johnson
Kelly McBride
Joan McFarland
Loreen McKanney
McKenzie Career Center
Nancy McLaughlin
Shawn Mendenhall
Metazoa Brewing Co.
Phil and Judy Michal
Mark and Debra Midkiff
Arlie and Kristi Mimbela
Darla Minor
Franklin Miroff
Elizabeth Misener
Josh and Missy Mocek
Amber Mohring
Mike and Kathy Morris
Celia Morrissette
James Moses
Libby Moyer
Robert and Phyllis Mullen
David Murray
Kim and Michaela Neal
Nicole Neal
Andrea Neely
Amy Nelson
Robin Nelson-Rice
Amy Neuer
Barbie New
Clint and Erin Newlin
Donald and Kelly Newman
John and Andrea Newsom
Diana Nolting
Terri Noone
Johanna Norman
Ade and Kelly Olonoh
Leslie Olsen
Ellynn Osborne
Megan Osborne
Ryan Penman
Rosie Pettygrue
Elizabeth Pochop
Tony Powell
Vicki Powell
Wendy Power
Debbie Price
Melanie Priest
Janice Prince
Mary Pritchet
Protich Family
Howard and Carolyn Pugh
Logan and Elizabeth Pund
Stephanie Ralich
Bella Ramirez
Jennifer Rand
Nivedita Rangnekar
Karen Ratzman
Red Real Estate Ventures LLC
Deborah Reed
Katie Rice
Charles Roach
Qiana Robinson
Rogers Family
Mark and Maureen Rohlfing
Bob and Trena Roudebush
Katherine Ruhl
Karen Sahm
Salon Suites of West Carmel
Barbara J. Sams
Gerard and Marsha Sandersen
Anna Sankaran
Jasmine Schlick
Charlie and Yvette Schmidt
Olivia Schmidt
Sally Schultz
Debra Scott
Dave Seal
Matt Sepiol
Bailey Severe
Randy and Mary Sharpe
Margaret Sheehan
Marley Shovlin
Elise Shrock
Emily Shrock
Tessa Skidmore
Mike and Ali Slocum
Roberta Ann Smith
Suzanne Spellman
Bill and Emma St. Dennis
Amanda Stafford and Goran Dagutinovic
Mr. Chad Starns and Mrs. Crystal Grave
Mike Staton
Vanessa Staublin
Sarah Stegmeyer
Allan Stitzer
Kimberly Stone
Amy Strasburger
Chrystal Struben
Matt and Tanya Sumner
Brent and Nancy Sutton
Rod and Sue Tank
Kathryn Tawney
Kai Taylor
Matt Taylor
Michele Thibodeau
Melinda and Julia Thomas
Tiffany Thomas
Nora Thompson
Sarah Thurman
Michael and Debbie Tolley
Jessica Topor
Gloria Turner
Jeremy Turner
Marilyn Updike
Lissette Vasquez
Erik and Andrea Vrobel
Florence Wagman Roisman
Allen Walden
Kevin and Rachael Wall
Valencia Wallace
Patricia Walt
Webb Family
Mark and Kelly Wehrheim
Ann Weifenbach
Tobi Weinstein and John Dick
Ted Wendling
Dena West
Erin and Diane West
Melissa West
Shirley Westerhaus
Kim and Karen Western
Sandy Whicker
Victoria Whicker
Jeff Whiting
Miriam Whyte
Dean and Jeannine Wiese
Giana Wilk
Leah Williams
Loretta Williams
Debbie Wilson
Keith and Nora Wilson
Ali Winslow
Maureen Winslow
Brial and Lisa Wissman
Amber Wolverton
René Wyatt-Foston and Amia Foston
Carl and Marcia York
Susan Youdovin
Nicole Young Starks