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Taking steps toward a brighter future
15th Jan


Taking steps toward a brighter future

At Coburn Place, everyone is taking steps toward a brighter future, including 13 month old “Avery”. She recently started walking. Because of you, Coburn Place is the only home she’s ever known. We couldn’t be more grateful.

Avery isn’t the only one, though. Her mom, “Natalie”, is following her lead. She and five other Coburn residents recently completed a 13-week course called “Getting Ahead”. This program helps people in poverty build resources and navigate through our middle class-focused society. This was the first graduation she’s ever had. She was absolutely beaming! The knowledge and resources she gained are so important, but the self-confidence might have been even more valuable. This is the kind of life-changing success your support creates.

Natalie has also been working one-on-one with a Coburn Place volunteer to study for her GED. She enrolled in an adult education program to further her studies. Each morning as her two oldest kids leave to catch the bus, she smiles as they tell her, “Have a good day at school, Mom!” They all do their homework together in the evenings. We’re proud to say that Natalie has a B average after dropping out of school more than a decade ago!

It’s so wonderful to see her learning and growing. She’s not only increasing her skills set, but she’s setting the right example for her kids. As a single mother of four, it would’ve been near to impossible for her to accomplish this on her own. Thank you for providing this opportunity for Natalie and her family to create a better life.

And you’re helping her with a problem she didn’t even realize she had. Since her Coburn Place eligibility will end in six months, she’s been working with our Housing Advocate to find affordable housing. After running a credit check, she discovered that she’s been a victim of identity fraud. Together, they will work to repair the damage and a find a new home.

You’re not only helping Natalie, Avery and their family have a safe home this year, but in those to come as well!


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