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Making her blessings count
17th May


"We should certainly count our blessings, but we should also make our blessings count." - Neal A. Maxwell

Making her blessings count

Last fall we shared “Susan’s” story with you. With your support, she transformed in so many ways, right before our eyes. From overcoming her fear of Indianapolis, to regaining her smile – both physically and emotionally, to enrolling in college. (You can read or reread her story here.)

She completed two years at Coburn Place in March. She found a small studio apartment near campus. She continued to excel in her studies. Life was going really well, but two things kept weighing on her mind so heavily.

Fortunately, Susan has someone like you behind her. Once a client completes two years of our housing program, they are no longer eligible for an apartment. Clients continue to receive three months of follow-up services, but the emotional support system developed while they were here has no expiration date. We’re always available.

As a full-time student, Susan was struggling financially and confided in her Advocate, Jacqueline. After a little research and major resourcefulness, Jacqueline suggested that Susan apply for the Bowen Scholarship, founded by Robert and Terry Bowen. Jacqueline and Shawnta, our Transitional Services Director, were more than happy to write recommendations for Susan’s application.

When the announcement finally arrived, Susan couldn’t wait to share the news – she won a scholarship and will receive $200/week while she finishes her degree! The money can be used for living expenses and bills. In her words this is a “HUGE blessing.” Made possible by your belief in her and in the work we’re all doing together.

But that wasn’t all of the good news. Susan’s divorce from her abuser was finalized thanks to our partners at the Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic! Not only did they get the job done, but there was no cost to Susan. Another blessing.

She is making great strides in her journey toward self-sufficiency. It’s your support that keeps empowering domestic violence victims, like Susan, to live as survivors. You are a blessing to Susan and all of the lives you’re helping. She’s not just counting her blessings; she’s making her blessings count!


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