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Best. Lemonade. Stand. Ever.
11th Jul


Best. Lemonade. Stand. Ever.

What an amazing day! Friends from all over the City stopped by to make sure the Coburn kiddos will have back-to-school shoes. And boy, did you! Our goal of $2,000 was completely shattered! As of 6:31pm on July 11, you have helped us raise $5,174 … THANK YOU!!! Not only will each child get 2 pairs of shoes but 2 uniforms to go with them!

We had a second location with our friends from Charles Schwab, tons of online purchases, volunteers, neighbors, supporters, 2 TV stations, a drive-thru sale, 2 4-legged visitors, relatives, former employees, IPS #66 alums and even the Mayor of Indianapolis, Joe Hogsett come out to support us! Wow, just wow. We are completely floored, humbled and filled with gratitude.

When we say we have the best supporters ever, we truly mean it.

**UPDATE** 8/9/2016

Our final sales were $5,224!! You didn’t just give them new shoes, you gave them the confidence to start the school year with their best foot forward… THANK YOU!!




So Many Friends!


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