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Supporter Spotlight: Delta Faucet
15th Sep


Supporter Spotlight: Delta Faucet

When it comes to offering their support to Coburn Place families, our friends from Delta Faucet have really been turning it on! Bad pun aside, they go above and beyond for us in inventive and fun ways. Their tagline is “See what Delta can do.” We challenge you to find something they can’t do.

What began as a routine, corporate volunteer fair has turned into an inspiring partnership. After learning more about the ways they could get involved, Delta employees got busy.

The bounty of one of Delta Faucet's wish list drives.They began by holding wish list drives to pack our pantry, something they do on a regular basis. They have also held quarter drives, collecting coins, for families to use in our laundry room. During the holidays they held a toy drive for the kiddos. Delta was a sponsor of this year’s Blue Breakfast and CoburnFest! and sponsored an apartment. One of the most unique events ever held to support Coburn Place happened at Delta Faucet. Overstock faucets were sold to employees and the proceeds came flooding into to support our families – nearly $500. They give their time too, volunteering together.

But they don’t stop there. Delta employee, Rhea Zink, donated much of her father’s estate to us. Product Specialist, Jodi Long, got her mom, Kay, involved teaching sewing classes. Our clients love learning and are making some very cool things.

Dawn Piece, Customer Solutions Analyst, reflected, “All of this grew out of the invitation and your acceptance to come to our volunteer fair to share with our employees what options were out there in the community to help with and get involved in locally. What a great relationship it has been and even better knowing how it has grown to friends and folks outside of our Delta Family too.” We completely agree. It takes just one drop of kindness to create a ripple effect. Delta waves of generosity are washing over us, and we are very grateful.

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