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Herstory, not History
19th Sep


Herstory, not History

“Stacy’s” history is one you’ve heard many times before. The abuse started with her father and continued into her adult relationships. Domestic violence is a cycle that continues until the victim becomes empowered to break it.

When Stacy arrived at Coburn Place just over a year ago, she was completely withdrawn from everyone and everything. For many years, a male had power and control over her. That is history – or HIS story.

But what you haven’t heard yet is how you’ve helped her write a new chapter – HER story. And it’s one full of triumphs.

Stacy was more than just quiet. She was afraid and unable to trust anyone. Her relationships with her family were crumbling. It seemed as if she would retreat into herself.

Time passed and slowly she began taking advantage of services – housing workshops, fitness sessions and healthy relationships group. And she began planning for the future – HER story.

She smartly set manageable goals. She decided to get her GED and increase her employable skills. Another barrier Stacy faces is dyslexia. With the help of our Volunteer and Resource Coordinator, Julie, and a diverse pool of volunteers, she began weekly tutoring sessions with Tonia. Tonia was the perfect match, because her son is also dyslexic. Stacy will take the test later this year.

She also enrolled in “Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin’ by World”. This program is based on a curriculum that helps people in poverty build resources and navigate through our middle class-focused society. She completed the 13-week course is now part of a focus group planning the next phase of this program, “Propel Indy”. Emily referred Stacy to Dress For Success. Stacy is participating in a group there.

She started meeting with a therapist too. With the increased emotional support she’s receiving, she’s able to form relationships with others again. She’s even reconnecting with her family.

And one by one, she’s checking off her list. Goal after goal is getting accomplished, but she isn’t finished yet. With her new found confidence and skills, she’s looking for employment. She’s even decided to quit smoking.

When I know I need to do something, I’m right there ready to do it,” said Stacy proudly. It’s your support that creates this safe space and time that gives Stacy the chance to get back on her feet, walk toward the future and write her story.

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