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Propelling Survivors into the Future
14th Nov


Propelling Survivors into the Future

Through a partnership with The Julian Center and the Domestic Violence Network we’ve developed a new 18 month program to offer domestic violence survivors support in the areas financial literacy, employment, education, parenting, interpersonal skills and building a network of peer support. The program is open to graduates of the 16-week Getting Ahead empowerment course.

Programming has also been developed for children of the participants. It will cover healthy relationships, manners, emotional expression, anti-bullying, and positive body image.

Read the full article in the Indy Star by reporter, Maureen Gilmer.

This community of survivors and community partners will increase over time as the cycle of classes continues,” Jenni White, Coburn Place Vice President of Mission Impact said, “offering participants at different stages in their journey the opportunity to work together to increase their social connectedness, sense of belonging and stability.

The need for social connections, for people to have others they can lean on, is even greater now after an election that has polarized the country, she said. “In this moment, we’re nervous and scared for our clients that the fallout may be that more people don’t feel safe speaking up.

Coburn Place Executive Director, Julia Kathary, said while some fears might not be grounded in reality, “the permissive space for people to be hateful and hurtful to one another has grown — that’s what it feels like to our clients.

Propel Indy is a fitting name, she said. “It feels like there’s a heavier anchor around everybody’s feet; we’re trying to propel forward and hope we can rise above. Our work is cut out for us.

Domestic violence organizations need people to step up and volunteer. “We’re going to need help to lift people up,” she said. Here’s how you can help.

Community Partners
These eight organizations will provide training and other services for Propel Indy:
Indianapolis Urban League – life skills classes, stipends, and transportation
Ivy Tech Community College – enrollment support, including credit transfer, financial aid, and aptitude testing
Indiana Institute for Working Families – education on poverty and Self-Sufficiency Calculator tool assistance
John H. Boner Center – job training and preparedness
Dress for Success – selecting attire for interviewing or employment
Allegion – employment assistance
Downtown Marriott – employment assistance
Goodwill Industries – job training, life skills education


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