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Miracle on 38th Street
14th Dec


Miracle on 38th Street

A week ago, we had 1 set of used sheets. We did our usual #WishListWednesday social media posts and somewhere in between magic happened. Today we have 223 sets (and counting!) of brand new, beautiful twin, full & queen sets! An army of kind souls, lead by General Peter Dunn, sent boxes and boxes and even more boxes of bed linens via Amazon. Enough to build this fort and then some. Enough to outfit all of our beds and more. And enough to fill us with awe, gratitude and even a few tears. You had our backs and covered our families with love. It was truly a Miracle on 38th Street – THANK YOU!!

Although we are set on sheets for a long time, we do have many other needs. Check our frequently updated wish list and our Amazon wish list.


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