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Drawing on his talents
15th Dec


Drawing on his talents

You know what we love about children’s programming at Coburn Place? Because of your support, the kids have experiences that they wouldn’t have had without you. They get help healing and learn how not to continue the cycle. They get all kinds of life skills lessons and homework help. They make friends with staff, volunteers and each other. And they get to be kids and have some serious fun.

But being a teenager isn’t always easy. Especially for our youth. 14 year-old “Aaron” is a polite kid. He’s really smart but an average student. He just doesn’t apply himself fully.

That is until he’s given a blank sheet of paper and a pen. He’s a gifted artist. It didn’t take long to help him start drawing on his talents.

Each week, Aaron and the kids participate in art class with Ms. Jude from the Indianapolis Art Center’s ArtReach program. She tells a story and they create a work based on it. Immediately she noticed Aaron’s talent. Because he lives at Coburn Place, he is eligible for a scholarship to the Art Center.

Aaron is currently taking a graphic design class and loving it! He’s learning how to use his talent even further. He certainly wouldn’t have had this chance without your support. His family could never have afforded it. He also now has a network of folks who believe in his talent and the confidence to keep using it. It would be impossible to put a price on that. We can’t thank you enough for making a difference for Aaron and the other Coburn kids.

L/top: Ant with a human heart
R/bottom: Dia de los Muertos

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